Search of funding to develop RDI activities

ARVOR has designed a service to seek out funding in order to help organisations operate efficiently in this regard so they are better able to carry out their research, development and innovation activities (whether these are research projects, recruiting research personnel, valuation of technologies, viability studies, strategic plans etc.)

This service includes sourcing funding from various geographic locations, whether this is an administration at the level of autonomous community, state, or European.

The scope of the service covers proactive assistance to the financing of an RDI project through to the complete externalisation of the financing of a research group, from either a specialist field of knowledge or from the organisation as a whole.

In the case of seeking out financing for RDI projects, the following activities may be undertaken, depending on the requirements of the case:
Notification of available funding.
Processing of requests to access funding.
Tracking funding requests and execution of financed projects.