Valuation/Evaluation of Innovation Initiatives

This service constitutes a tool for analysing innovation proposals or initiatives and generating recommendations and specific actions in order to raise the value of these before either transferring them to third parties or developing them until they reach the market. An innovation proposal or initiative can be understood as any technology, project or idea generated from the knowledge of a business or institution.

To this end, proposals are evaluated quantitatively and qualitatively. The technical viability of the proposal in terms of technological, legal and industrial/intellectual property will be established. The commercial viability in terms of market criteria will also be established.

This service is adapted to the requirements of each client and would, for example:
Carry out an analysis of an innovation proposal capable of being transferred, regardless of its state of development, and establish a roadmap towards a possible licensing or the creation of a technology company.
Prioritise and evaluate different proposals in order to allocate funding and increase the possibilities of transference.
Understand the potential of an innovation proposal with regard to a possible protection or the possible formation of a technology company.
Determine the optimal transfer route of an innovation proposal or initiative.
Seek out possible collaborations with research groups or companies in order to raise the potential of transferring a proposal.
Determine the potential of an innovation proposal to be transferred.
Know the market potential of an innovation initiative or proposal.